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Chevy Vehicle Oil Type

Adding oil to engine

Every internal combustion engine requires oil to run properly. Motor oil prevents wear, friction, and permanent damage due to the excessive heat of the moving parts. The Chevy oil type you need depends on your specific model and year as you drive on Staten Island roads. Find out more with our guide from the service department at Advantage Chevrolet in Brooklyn.



Chevy Oil Type Recommended by the Manufacturer

Chevy recommends three main types of oil for its vehicles. Choose ACDelco conventional oil for many older vehicles. Older vehicles, generally ten years old or older, recommend conventional oil and oil changes every three months and 3,000 miles for more traditional oil change intervals.

Select ACDelco Dexos1 full synthetic oil for newer and more modern vehicles. Synthetic oil extends the oil change interval to up to 5,000 or 7,500 miles. Consider Mobil 1 full synthetic oil as an alternative to ACDelco when you bring your Chevy vehicle in for an oil change in Bronx. 

We highly recommend fully synthetic oil because it better suits your Chevy engine. Synthetic oil is more expensive when you purchase it. However, instead of oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, like for older vehicles, you may not need to change the oil until after 7,500 miles. 

You’ll save money over the long term since you have fewer oil changes in Queens. Plus, synthetic oil will help your vehicle’s engine last longer, giving you a better return on your investment.

Chevy Equinox Oil Type

Chevrolet recommends SAE 5W-30 Dexos1 full synthetic oil for your Chevy Equinox SUV. But, again, you should always check your owner’s manual or driver information center on the touchscreen first to make sure this type of oil is right for you. This Chevy Equinox oil type works down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit, hence the 5 in 5W-30, so your pistons should work just fine in NY winters as you drive your SUV. If you want better protection and are worried about frigid temperatures, consider 0W-30 as you drive from December to early March.

Chevy Malibu Oil Type

For modern Chevy Malibu sedans, Chevy suggests SAE 5W-30 or SAE 10W-30 Dexos1 full synthetic oil. Again, consider SAE 0W-30 for when temperatures dip below zero, a common occurrence here in the upstate. Your Chevy Malibu oil type and the oil change interval depend on what the owner’s manual or the OLS says.

Chevy Silverado Oil Type

Your Chevy Silverado oil type depends on the kind of engine you have, either gasoline or diesel. For a gasoline engine, we recommend SAE 5W-30 Dexos1 full synthetic oil. If you’ve got a Duramax turbodiesel engine, use SAE 0W-20 DexosD diesel engine oil. Diesel engines are configured differently than gasoline engines, so they will need different oil types.

Need a Chevy Oil Change? Bring Your Vehicle to Us!

Need an oil change for your new or used Chevy? Contact us or call (347) 586-0081 today. Our technicians are happy to help you maintain your vehicle! Our team also handles tires, brakes, transmission service, radiator flushes and fills, and many other types of regular maintenance to keep your car in top form. We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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