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For many Staten Island drivers, checking your Chevrolet tire pressures can slip your mind. But allowing your tires to go underinflated – even by just a few pounds—over an extended period can be problematic. Most Bronx Chevrolet owners don’t think about the possible negative impact of slightly underinflated tires because the result isn’t immediate. But after a while, underinflated tires could lead to a significant hit to your bank account. Here is a look at recommended tire pressure for the most popular Chevrolet models. We will also go over the importance of tire maintenance.



Chevy Equinox Tire Pressure

The recommended Chevrolet Equinox tire pressure is 35 psi (pounds per square inch) for all four tires. Remember to check the tire pressure regularly. Underinflated or overinflated tires can affect the vehicle’s handling and fuel efficiency.

Chevy Cruze Tire Pressure

The recommended Chevrolet Cruze tire pressure varies depending on the model and trim level. Tire pressure is between 32 and 35 psi for all four tires.

Chevy Malibu Tire Pressure

The recommended Chevy Malibu tire pressure also varies depending on the model and trim level. However, the recommended level is generally between 32 and 35 psi. 

Chevy Bolt Tire Pressure

The recommended Chevy Bolt tire pressure is 36 psi for all four tires. The correct tire pressure helps to ensure optimal handling, fuel efficiency, and tire wear.

Tire pressure recommendations can vary based on the model, trim level, and tire size of a vehicle. Always consult your owner’s manual or tire placard for your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure. And remember to check your tire pressure regularly and adjust as needed to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Importance of Tire Maintenance? 

Queens drivers who own the above Chevy models should now understand how often and when to check and adjust their tire pressures. But what makes this tire maintenance so important? 

  • Properly inflated tires provide better handling, traction, and stability on the road, which increases safety. Underinflated tires, on the other hand, can lead to decreased traction, longer stopping distances, and increased risk of blowouts or tire failures.
  • Underinflated or overinflated tires can negatively affect a vehicle’s performance and handling. Underinflated tires can make your car feel sluggish, while overinflated tires can lead to a harsh ride and decreased traction.
  • Properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. This means that the engine has to work less to move the vehicle, which can save drivers money on gas over time.

Tire Service at Advantage Chevrolet

We can handle any vehicle service—including inflation, tire repair, or tire replacement. You can use our online platform to schedule service. Our service technicians will provide a comprehensive maintenance package that includes tire care. Contact us with any additional questions, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

To ensure optimal vehicle safety, performance, and fuel efficiency, it’s important to check tire pressure regularly and maintain proper inflation levels with a tire pressure gauge. Additionally, regular tire maintenance, such as rotating and balancing tires, can help to extend tire life and ensure optimal vehicle performance.


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